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Every person is different and our care reflects this. At Medcare Health Solutions Limited your needs are at the forefront of our care and we will structure our support so that it is personalised just for you. We offer a range of specialist services and we are here to tailor the right care package for you in the hospitals, the community and flight escorts.

So if you are seeking home care and nursing services in Central London, Kensington and Chelsea, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Cancer Care

Cancer and other illnesses can come in a range of forms and will affect people in different ways. Effective care can help you to manage your illness so that you are able to continue living your life as comfortable as possible, and that is what we provide at Medcare Health Solutions. We are able to provide specialist care and assistance which includes:

  • Pump infusions/pump disconnections
  • Chemotherapy care at home
  • PEG feeding
  • Tracheostomy care
  • IV Antibiotics in the community




Palliative Care/End of Life Care

At Medcare Health Solutions Limited we provide palliative care for anyone near the end of life. We take a holistic approach to our care and will account for all of your physical, psychological and spiritual needs so that your loved one is as comfortable as possible at this sad and emotive time. Our registered nurses have many years of experience at this level and will be able to work effectively with medical professionals, counsellors and you, to provide the best possible level of care.




After Hospital Care

We also provide care for patients who have been discharged from hospital after serious medical operations such as surgery. It is often the case that after a major operation or injury, extensive work is needed to ensure full rehabilitation. If this is the case, our dedicated nurses and health care assistants will be able to work with you as well as other health professionals such as physiotherapists to help you take the steps you need to take to make that full recovery.




Respite Care Services

Looking after a loved one with a medical condition is meaningful and rewarding, however it can be stressful and draining sometimes. It is important that you take a break to recharge, and we provide respite care services that will enable you to do that here at Medcare Health Solutions. You may wish to go on holiday, or you could need just an hour a day.  In either case, you’ll be able to totally unwind, safe in the knowledge that the person you care for is being looked after by someone you can trust.







Home Care

For most people, your home is where you are most comfortable. If you or your loved one has a serious medical condition, then it is even more important that you are able to live your life in the comfort of your home. If you need assistance to make that possible, we can provide 24 hour care, help with specific tasks, or we can be on hand to support you as and when you need it. In any case, you’ll have total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we are with you.

If you are seeking home care and nursing services in Central London, Kensington and Chelsea, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Medcare Health Solutions.







Hospital Transport and Escorting

If your loved one needs to travel to another hospital or even another country, we’ll make the journey as smooth as possible. We frequently assist people travelling to and from the Middle East for medical purposes, and we’ll be able to make sure that your loved one gets to their destination safely.

Arrange Hospital and Flight Transport